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If some leaders are comfortable with their lead on Day 5 of World Cup Series 1 at Trofeo Princesa Sofía (SSL 1000), it’s now all down to tomorrow’s Medal Race, where only the top 10 boats from the opening series will compete.

In mixed 470, Spain’s Jordi Xammar/ Nora Brugman (20 pts) conserved their leadership over the podium newcomers Luise WanserPhilipp Autenrieth (36 pts). The Germans will have to defend their 2nd spot against the consistent French Kevin PeponnetAloïse Retornaz (38 pts) and Italy’s Giacomo FerrariBianca Caruso (39 pts).

Same story in Nacra17. Italy’s Olympic champion Ruggero TitaCaterina Banti (14 pts) is comfortable in their impressive lead over Finland’s Sinem KurtbayAkseli Keskinen (38 pts) and  John GimsonAnna Burnet (44 pts). The British seem to have found the key to the boat winning the day’s last race, they’re third of the week.


In 49erFX, Dutch pair Odile Van AanholtAnnette Duetz (39 pts) continued to dominate the fleet and deepened a 20-point gap between them and Martine GraelKahena Kunze (59 pts). The Brazilian Olympic Champions are just 4 points ahead of Belgian Isaura Maenhaut/ Anouk Geurts (61 pts) and 5 points from Italy’s Jana GermaniGiorgia Bertuzzi (64 pts).

In 49er, French duo Erwan FischerClément Pequin (38 pts) were the most regular over this 5th day finishing 1-4-1. “It has been a very good week so far, says Erwan Fischer to“We are looking forward to finish the job tomorrow and continue improving for the next event (Olympic Week in Hyeres,  April  23-30),” added his crewmate Clément Pequin. Team USA’s  Ian BarrowsHans Henken is just a step below (49 pts) followed by Poland’s Mikołaj StaniulJakub Sztorch (60 pts).

Sarah Douglas (CAN)

Victory is just one race away for Sarah Douglas (16 pts), who has been incredibly performant in Palma, winning 6 out of 10 ILCA6’s races. SSL Team Canada’s helmsman can sail relaxed tomorrow, which won’t be the case for British Hannah Snellgrove (41 pts) and Greek Vasileia Karachaliou (42 pts) seeking Trofeo ILCA6’s 2nd spot.

With a 9-point lead over Germany’s Philipp Buhl (48 pts), British Mickeal Beckett won’t be as comfortable as Sarah Douglas but has a rather cozy margin. Meanwhile, Buhl will feel the pressure from Olympic Champ Matt Wearn (55 pts), who won the last race in front of him and Beckett.

Medal Races will start Saturday, April 9, from 10.00 (CET).

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Trofeo Princesa Sofia is an SSL 1000-point event that counts for SSL Ranking.

  • Competitions are classified into eight categories.
  • Each category is granted a number of points to be awarded to the athletes, from 10 to 4000 points – 1000 points at Trofeo Princesa Sofia.
  • SSL points are awarded to account for 100% for the first year, 50% for the second year, and 0% for the third year
  • The athletes’ six best results are taken into account according to the system mentioned above (and all local regattas)
  • All athletes who complete a round of a regatta included in the Ranking obtain at least one point.